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Posted on 2016-01-20 by Author Admin

garage door maintenance DenverSo you had your garage door installed, a while ago and it has served you well as an entry and exit point from your home. However, you have started noticing an annoying squeaking sound every time you press the button on your garage door remote, and the garage door shuts or opens. Well, heres something you should know: your garage door requires maintenance. You might never give it much thought as you drive in but this may end up costing a lot of money in the long run. If your family lives in Denver, Ive got good news for you; Denver Garage Door Specialists are ready to take you through garage door maintenance Denver to keep your garage door in good working condition. If high costs during the repair of your garage door do not convince you to maintain garage door then maybe injury to your children can.

So how exactly do you keep your garage door in good shape? Here are some helpful tips:

Observe and listen

It is quite commendable that you noticed the grinding of your garage door as it was closing or opening because listening is one step of knowing if your garage door is working as it should. Moreover, you should observe the garage door to see if it opens smoothly or not.

Tighten up

Since loose hardware causes noisy garage doors, your next step should be to tighten up all parts. You can snug the nuts using a deep socket and a ratchet. However, you must be careful not to over tighten the nuts.

Look out for worn parts

Observe your garage door for any worn parts. The rollers are the most susceptible to wear so they need to be replaced as soon as possible. There are nylon rollers and steel rollers. Nylon rollers that are more expensive than steel rollers are less noisy. Also, they do not require frequent oiling.

Test the garage door balance

You may also need to test your garage door balance. To do this, you pull the release handle that is usually a red cord. In this way, you will have disconnected the opener. You then manually move the door up to about the height of your waist. If it moves, then, your garage door is not properly balanced, and that is where Denver garage door maintenance specialists come in to help.

Lubricate the garage door

The metal parts of your garage door require lubricating occasionally. These components include chains, rollers, door springs and hinges. Before you apply any lubricant ensure that there is no dust, cobwebs or grime on the moving parts. You can then spray those parts with garage door lube that penetrates the hinges and springs as a liquid. Later it dries up to a form of grease that does not attract dust. It is important to avoid oil because all it does is to attract dust that is certainly not needed in your moving parts.

Clean your garage door

To do this, you require a small amount of detergent and some water. You may also want to check for rust spots or peeling paint.

If you are so busy that you cannot do all this, then call in experts from Denver Garage Door Specialists because no one deserves to bear with noisy garage doors every time you drive into your garage.

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