:: How Will You Check if Garage Door Spring is Balanced Properly
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Posted on 2016-10-18 by Author Admin

A garage door needs equal contribution from all its parts. If any one of its parts fails to do so, the functioning of the door is compromised. For example, if your garage door isnt appropriately balanced, the door opener will have to work harder, and it won’t keep going long. After you detach the opener by pulling the discharge handle (normally a red cord), lift the door manually about half way upper side. In case the door doesnt stay, the springs are not adjusted properly. Garage door spring tuning should be better left to the experts.

When your springs are not in shape, chances are that your garage door may drop down abruptly with high force. It is even scary to think what would happen to a person standing near the garage door in such a situation. Undoubtedly, breaking of garage door springs is dangerous as it may cause accidents, not to say death.

There are a variety of reasons why the springs may break but the major ones are:

Wear and Tear - Springs may break due to the normal wear and tear. Wear and tear makes the spring weak and eventually it breaks. The quality of the springs determines the frequency of the wear and tear in the springs. A good quality spring is more durable than a substandard one.

Fluctuations in Temperature - Metals are very sensitive to temperature changes and it contracts and expands as temperature rises and falls. Sudden rise or fall in temperature may cause the metal to break and so is the case with the springs.

Lack of Proper Maintenance - The springs need to be maintained like the other parts that make up your garage door. If the springs are not adjusted and maintained properly, then they are likely to break.

Poor Installation of Your Garage Door - A poorly installed door affects all the components that make up the door. If the springs are not fitted properly, then they will be under excess stress, which may cause them to snap.

When you find a broken spring in your garage door, contacting Denver Garage Door Specialists would be a great idea. We can do any garage door repair after conducting a thorough inspection of the door to determine the cause of the problem. To ensure that we repair the broken spring satisfactorily, we do the following.

Replace both springs - Garage doors come with two springs. Even though only one spring breaks, we suggest replacing both. This is because the old and new springs create an imbalance in the garage door.

Use Quality Springs - Different garage doors come with different springs due to the difference in size and weight. Due to this reason, we ensure that we use springs that are compatible with the door, which in turn ensures the longevity of the garage door.

Once we complete the replacement, we conduct an inspection not only to ascertain that the springs are working correctly, but also to ensure that the entire door is in a good shape. Talk to our executive if you need suggestion on your garage door.

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